Caterbox Uk Ltd

Caterbox Uk Ltd
Unit T16B Humphries Farm
Hazeley Road
SO21 1QA  View on map
  • T: 01962 711 007
  • M: 07809 743191
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Caterbox UK Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of protective boxes and inserts, for Chinaware, Glassware & General Catering Equipment. With over twenty years of experience in the packaging Industry, we’re the one stop shop; guaranteed to provide you with a competitively priced ‘Pack, Protect, Stack & Store’ solution for all of your equipment, general goods and applications.

Of course, all of this is supported by our team. With a technically astute, professional attitude, and... Read more incredibly strong customer focus, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive range of high quality goods we supply.

For maximum protection of your products and high efficiency over your packaging process – make Caterbox your No.1 Show less

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Hazeley Farm Cottages, 8, Hazeley Road
01962 860 905
Unit 10, Hazeley Road
01962 715 818
Waterworks House, Hazeley Road
01962 600 110
Unit 16A, Hazeley Road
01962 712 309
Unit 7, Hazeley Road
01962 711 640
Hazeley Road
01962 712 299
Humphries Farm, Hazeley Road
01962 712 351
Unit 1, Hazeley Road
01962 715 377
Unit 6, Hazeley Road
01962 711 642
Unit 12, Hazeley Road
01962 712 094
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