Sp Manweb Plc

Sp Manweb Plc


Sp Energy Networks
Prenton Way
North Cheshire Trading Estate
CH43 3ET  View on map
  • T: 0845 273 4444
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SP Energy Networks is the company that’s responsible for the distribution of
electricity to your property via our network of pylons, substations, cables and power
lines to hoems and businesses in Cheshire, Merseyside, North Shropshire and North Wales. We work round the clock to
make sure you have power. To report a Power loss or emergencie please call us on 0845 272 2424.

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Map CH43 3ET, Prenton
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Sp Energy Networks, Prenton Way
0845 273 4444
3, Prenton Way
3, Prenton Way
3, Prenton Way
Unit 10
0151 608 0493
13 Prenton Way
0151 608 8844
Prenton Way
0151 608 1423
Unit B1, Sandymount House, 7, Prenton Way
0151 609 0652
5, Prenton Way
0151 609 0600
Prenton Way
0151 609 4666
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