Road Safety Contracts Ltd

Road Safety Contracts Ltd
102 Glen Road
County Londonderry
BT46 5JG  View on map
  • T: 028 7964 3038
  • F: 028 7964 4569
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Road Safety Contracts is a progressive company operating in many areas of waste management, environmental maintenance and road marking throughout Ireland.

Service preformed:
Road Marking
White line marking
Car park lining
Cats- Eye, road studs installation and removal
Safety marking and coloured surfacing
Sports courts and playgrounds preform marking
Anti-Skid surfacing
De-Sludging of Septic tanks
Gully Emptying and... Read more Jetting
Tree / Hedge cutting and removal
Sludge tankering
De-gritting and cleaning of Deep Sumps
Grass Cutting
Weed Contol Show less

Road Marking Road Expansion joint Road Studs Car parking lining Septic tank emptying Gully emptying Sludge Tankering tennis court marking playground marking grass cutting

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