Lindsey Welding Supply Co Ltd

Lindsey Welding Supply Co Ltd
Warwick Road
Fairfield Industrial Estate
LN11 0YB  View on map
  • T: 01507 604 083
  • F: 01507 604 083
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Supplying industry, agriculture, vehicle bodyshops, colleges and general public with welding equipment and accessories, welding torch spares, gas equipment, Albee rental-free mig/tig gas (customer collect only), abrasives, protective equipment and a wide range of engineering accessories. Brand names include Cebora, Cemont, Sureweld, ArcMax, Parweld, SWP, Selectarc, Westbrook, Autal, Sealey Power Products, Uvex, Jackson, Bolle, Weldas, Hi-Lo, PCL, Sait and Ariex.

Welding Welding rods Welding wire Welding helmet Mig welder Gas cylinder Gas equipment Grinding wheels Mig gas

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Name & Address Telephone
Unit 5, Warwick Road
01507 609 850
Unit 5, Warwick Road
01507 609 850
Unit 5A, Warwick Road
01507 610 205
Unit 3B, Warwick Road
01507 607 231
Unit 2, Warwick Road
01507 602 410
Westmour Units, 4, Warwick Road
01507 602 301
Unit 1, Warwick Road
01507 605 226
Unit 4, Warwick Road
01507 608 100
Warwick Road
01507 609 444
Unit 6, Milford Court, Warwick Road
01507 611 152
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