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Unit 2
Frederick Wilson Park
Hayfield Place
Hayfield Industrial Estate
KY2 5DR  View on map
  • T: 01592 644 955
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 Lisa McDonald February 12, 2014 2:42 PM

I have stopped using this garage as they made so many dangerous mistakes (loose bolts, missing parts, dodgy wiring etc). My car always came back in a worse state.
My partner started using this garage against my recommendation and his car now has more faults than ever. He took it in for a repair job... Read more and it came back with missing parts, a new hole which now leaks and loose fittings. They also lost three parts which we had to alert them to. An independent tester told us that the work was unprofessional and dangerous.
We're now seriously considering legal action.
I WOULD NOT advise using this garage if you care about your car - or your life! Show less

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Name & Address Telephone
Unit 1 Frederick Wilson Park
01592 260 714
Unit 7 Hayfield Place
01592 646 454
Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 202 636
Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 642 951
Unit 7, Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 261 222
Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 205 320
Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 263 387
Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 261 641
Unit 7, Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 266 263
Hayfield Industrial Estate
01592 202 592
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