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4 Free Results for Halls For Hire in Ipswich

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    Phone number: 01449 740 764

    Hitcham Village Hall

    Layer Marney Cottage, The Causeway, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 7NE

    Halls For Hire

  • 2

    Phone number: 01473 312 026

    Capel St Mary Community Trust

    Suite 1, 40A, Shopping Precinct, The Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2EP

    Halls For Hire

  • 3

    Phone number: 01473 730 547

    Copdock Village Hall

    Red House Cottages, 4, Old London Road, Copdock, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3JN

    Halls For Hire

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    Phone number: 01473 823 380

    The Venue At Kersey Mill Ltd

    Kersey Mill, Kersey, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 6DP

    Halls For Hire