Martha Mockford Ltd

Martha Mockford Ltd
The Wookshops
Deer Park Farm
EX14 3EP  View on map
  • T: 01404 441 89
  • F: 01404 441 93
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Map EX14 3EP, Honiton

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Property Price and Nearby Property Prices

Property Address Sold Price Date Sold
Ancroft,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EP
20 Dec 2010
Wallnook Cottage,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EP
03 Aug 2006
Knabben,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EP
01 Apr 2011
The Old Barn,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EP
02 Apr 1997
16 Jan 2003
Glebe Farmhouse,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EP
24 May 2013
3  Butts Cottages,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EL
16 Feb 2004
21 Nov 2008
Drullers,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EN
05 Apr 2012
Colhayes Cottage,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EJ
30 Sep 1996
24 Oct 2003
19 Apr 2011
Mandolin Winds,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EJ
02 Oct 2000
South Wing,  1  Buckerell House,  Honiton,  Devon,  EX14 3EJ
08 Jan 1998
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