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3  Drum Mains Park
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 Kelly Hamilton February 8, 2014 11:38 AM

Absolute waste of money got two sets on blinds then tbe days later one set fell down right of wall nearly landed on my four year old daughter! Had to wait over week for same set to be put back up! Wrote letter of complaint still awaiting reply 4-5 months later then today beading snapped so now an... Read more not get blinds up or down! Phoned head office to be told no one can deal with it just now to phone back! Customer service is shocking! Would never recommend to anyone Show less

 Robert January 24, 2014 6:18 PM

Worst company I have ever dealt with!!!!!! Just had the most ignorant salesman at the house... To start with he was 45min late and didn't apologise, he hardly spoke two words then took 10min to work out a price for only 2 windows in complete silence!! which was nearly £100 pounds more than the price... Read more from the shop!!!!
He then said he couldn't do anything till Monday!! Wtf!!!!!!!
I would rather pay more to get a decent customer service than this ignorant lot!! Show less

 Gordon Armour October 19, 2013 6:47 PM


I will start my review with that as this is the main point I'd like to get across. I purchased a new build house recently and contacted Shades to come view my house and provide an estimate for suitable blinds to suit all windows.

The salesman duly came up and took measurements and... Read more offered their deals, he pointed out the materials which were on offer as apparently they bulk buy the most popular choices to offer discounts. Fine I thought, white was what I was after anyway so the choice was made.

I made one point very clear before he started, the windows are tilt and turn style, I asked if they can do a blind style that can accommodate this and let us open our windows. Absolutely he assured me "we do these kind of windows all the time, its no problem, the blinds go all the way to one side and the window opens", excellent I thought and paid my £400 up front.

The blinds are fitted and lo and behold you can't open a single window, not only that, the materials are the cheapest garbage I have ever seen on a window, the strings in the runners hang down loose when the blinds pulled and the blades material is the lightest, naffest stuff known to man.

I blow my top and call shades right away, explain the window opening issue only to be told by a clearly well briefed employee that the salesman explained that the windows wouldn't open and that I had signed a document that clearly stated this. It seems in the pages of small print that you sign on site to secure the purchase, they have a qualification in there for just this issue. I ask the for the salesman to call me back which he never did.

1 month on and the blinds in the Livingroom have fallen off the window a number of times of their own accord (the brackets aren't even fixed in fully) and the crap little hooks that hold the blades have snapped which meant I had to take one the blinds down completely.

I can't stress how poor the quality is in both product and customer service frame shades so again..

AVOID!! Show less

Map G68 9LD, Cumbernauld

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