T G Norman Timber Ltd

T G Norman Timber Ltd


Unit 25  Francismoor Wood
CA6 5TR  View on map
  • T: 01228 792 718
  • F: 01228 791 777
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Map CA6 5TR, Carlisle

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Property Price and Nearby Property Prices

Property Address Sold Price Date Sold
Bush On Lyne Cottage,  Carlisle,  Cumbria,  CA6 5TR
23 Oct 2006
19 Jul 2010
Clift Hill,  Carlisle,  Cumbria,  CA6 5TR
26 Jun 1998
20 Oct 2000
03 Jan 2006
Heath Bank,  Carlisle,  Cumbria,  CA6 5TR
18 Nov 2004
13 Nov 2008
Cliffe Cottage,  Carlisle,  Cumbria,  CA6 6DE
11 Aug 2010
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