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Blendbetter Pet Foods
Blendbetter Pet Foods
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James and Jennifer Jackson have been running Blendbetter Pet Foods, the family pet food business at Westlinton, since 1983. The business, started by James' parents in 1968, has blossomed into one of the most successful North West businesses operating in the pet foods market and attributes most of its success to its customer care.

As an independent pet foods and accessory store, the couple has been able to extend their product range to cover almost all domestic animals. More than forty... Read more tons of pet food leave the premises every single week on daily customer delivery runs across South West Scotland, the North West and North East England. Items ordered on-line from further afield are distributed within 2-3 days by commercial carriers.

The product range is vast, taking in more than 5000 products. Recent expansion of the premises enabled other items to be stocked, such as pet beds, carrying crates, collars, bowls, cat litter, toy mice, leads; Kong toys, treats and standard "over the counter" vet care items such as wormers, flea treatments, appropriate shampoos and coat care products.

Although cats and dogs are the principle customers at Blendbetter Pet Foods, the needs of other creatures are not forgotten in this pet foods Emporium. There is squirrel food, wild bird food, caged bird food, food for ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, gerbils, reptiles, fish, fowl and horses.

Blendbetter Pet Foods experienced and knowledgeable staff help with advice, finding diets or mixes for sensitive cats and dogs. Foods come in small carry-home packs or large bags. Frozen foods are also available including tripe, chicken, lamb, beef, dayold chicks, rats, mice and more.

If you look at the countless products on the Blendbetter Pet Foods website but still can't find what you need, ring the contact number: 01228 791 608. Ask any member of staff picking up your call and help is at hand. Show less

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